The Way of Shadows

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks is a pretty good fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy.  Azoth, a street rat, wants to be the apprentice of master assassin Durzo Blint to help himself and his friends out of their circumstances.  But the way of shadows – poison, combat, and death – is a harder one to take than Azoth first believed.  But when Azoth acquires his new identity as Kylar Stern, he forgets one of his master’s lessons:  “A perfect killer has no friends – only targets.”  How exactly Kylar acquires his Talent and becomes the Night Angel is adventure indeed.

While the number of characters is considerable and the political intrigue complex, the entertainment value is high.  Imagine that the three musketeers acquired ninja skills, or that the ‘Tales of the King’s Blades’ by Dave Duncan got massively upgraded.  With liberal doses of magic, politics, and warfare, the six hundred-odd pages really will fly by.

6.75/10.0.  I’ll be reading the other two.

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